Create Hotmail Account – Hotmail Sign Up

Hello everyone. Hotmail Create Account. How To Register Hotmail / Outlook Account? How does Hotmail open a new account? How do I sign up for a Hotmail account? In this post you will find the answer.

To log in to your Hotmail account, you need to log in with your username and password from the official Hotmail page. Signing in is the process of logging into the system with the username and password you previously created while signing up.

A Hotmail account is a type of account that contains an email address with the extension and under Microsoft account. You need to perform a registration process in it, as set out in Apart from Outlook, it is also possible to receive e-mail address with Hotmail extension.

Let me briefly explain how to open an account and how to perform the login. let’s start to Hotmail Create Account:

  1. Go to the official registration page for registration and fill in the form here and you need to choose a username for the new e-mail here.
  2. Afterwards, proceed to the next step with the Next button, in this step, you need to set a password for your account. The password you specify should contain strong and difficult-to-guess characters.
  3. Also, the password you set for Hotmail must contain special characters. Your account password is very important for your and your account’s security, and it is important that the password you choose is strong.
  4. There are a few more steps to open your Hotmail account, in this section, you need to enter your first and last name. Then go to the other step.
  5. In this step, you have to choose your birthday by country selection. Once you have made the appropriate selection, you can continue to progress in the form with the Next button.

Enter your phone number in the appropriate field for your account security. After entering your phone number, type the corresponding confirmation code on the next screen and press forward. Congratulations on your account after this process will be opened. You can then start logging in to your account.

Once you have created your account, you can now log in to your account with the username and password you have specified. Hotmail (Outlook) account opening step is a two-step process. First enter the user name and press forward. Then enter your password and press OK to enter your account.

Click to log in to your Hotmail account.